Rail Equipment

We design and manufacture all types of custom rail equipment including our signature piece, the Tie-Master™.  Known in the industry as “Little Red”, it is an affordable, American-made hydraulic tie-changer requiring only a single operator.  We also produce the Tie-Master Gen III™, a larger version for use with concrete ties. 

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Other custom products include brush cars, flat cars, de-icer assemblies, track and utility carts, station cleaners and switch boxes.  In addition, we provide equipment repair services on most rail equipment. 

We take great pride in all our custom equipment.  Customer satisfaction through quality workmanship and service remains our priority.

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    Southampton, NJ

    Our flat cars are custom designed and built to each customer’s unique specifications. Variables include deck height, width and length, decking materials (imported or domestic wood or metal), weight capacity, truck style, coupler style and brake style. The cars can be used for numerous applications

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    Southampton, NJ

    The Tie Master® is our signature piece. Known in the industry as “Little Red”, it is an affordable, American made machine that switches out cross ties on existing rail lines and requires only a single operator. Designed, developed and manufactured at our Southampton facility, Tie Master® is a relatively small machine powered by a gas or diesel engine. The unit is powerful enough to compare with much larger machines at only a fraction of the cost. Its’ small size gives Tie Master® unmatched portability: it can be picked up and moved with equipment the size of a backhoe and loaded onto a truck or trailer for transport. It is also available with an optional towing package making transport even easier.

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