Southampton, NJ




•  Affordably priced

•  Single operator tie changer

•  Easily transportable

•  Performs the work of much larger machines



•  Spike puller

•  Spike driver

•  Tie tamper

•  Rail saw

•  Rail grinder

•  Hydraulic impact wrenches

•  Any hydraulic tool requiring 5 or 10 gpm


Tie Master

The Tie Master® is our signature piece.  Known in the industry as “Little Red”, it is an affordable, American made machine that switches out cross ties on existing rail lines and requires only a single operator.

Designed, developed and manufactured at our Southampton facility, Tie Master® is a relatively small machine powered by a gas or diesel engine.  The unit is powerful enough to compare with much larger machines at only a fraction of the cost.  Its’ small size gives Tie Master® unmatched portability:  it can be picked up and moved with equipment the size of a backhoe and loaded onto a truck or trailer for transport.  It is also available with an optional towing package making transport even easier.


Tie Master Gen III
The Tie Master Gen III® is a larger version of the original Tie Master developed specifically for concrete ties.  Powered by a diesel engine, its larger pumps and hydraulic cylinders create more extraction and insertion force.  While the unit weighs more than its predecessor, it still features the same portability and ease of operation as the original.

We take great pride in all our custom equipment.  Customer satisfaction through quality workmanship and service remains our priority.