Secaucus, NJ

Project Highlights / Scope of Work

• Excavated site for column installation

• Installed steel beam footing over concrete support columns

• Extended two existing platforms 120’ using precast concrete panels

• Installed electrical system, site lighting, stairs and railings on platforms

• Applied architectural concrete finishing and non-slip coating to platforms



• Four live tracks in remained in operation throughout much of the work

• All precast concrete sections to be installed during one scheduled outage

• Job to be completed in time for Super Bowl


Project Description
Secaucus Junction Station is a commuter rail hub and transfer station serving several key NJ Transit commuter routes.  In addition, it supplies shuttle service to the Meadowlands Sports and Entertainment Complex on football Sundays.  Prior to Super Bowl XLVIII, New Jersey Transit sought to extend the lower level platforms to accommodate larger numbers of passengers.

The site was excavated and prepped for the 120’ long expansion of both existing platforms.  Concrete support columns were formed and steel beams were installed as the footing for the concrete decking. 

Each platform extension consisted of sixteen precast concrete panels measuring 27’ wide and 7.5’ long.  Due to the need to keep all four tracks in service throughout the project, evening and weekend outages were scheduled during which most of the heavy construction work took place.  The precast decking panels were installed during a single 20-hour long weekend shift after.  We were able to complete the decking work with no disruption to the train schedule.

Day shifts required working around active trains, limiting the type of work we could perform (i.e.-paving, electric and finishing).  Power and electric were brought in and site lighting was installed to match the existing light fixtures.  Staircases and railings were added and each platform was finished with decorative architectural concrete and a special non-slip coating.

Secaucus Junction will now be able to handle the anticipated increases in ridership that will result from the ongoing construction at the Meadowlands Sports and Entertainment Complex.