Providence, RI

Project Highlights / Scope of Work

• Track Work - siding track, siding turnout and diamond double crossover

• Concrete Work - caissons, catenary and signal foundations, box culverts

• Drainage - reinforced concrete pipe, E-inlets, headwalls and underdrains

• Earth Work - instrument house foundations, structural fill and final grading

• Electrical Work - cable trough and retaining walls

• Precast bridge installed

• Intensive planning and coordination allowed for work to be performed during weekend outages to enable continuation of service and revenue


Project Description

Motiva Enterprises, LLC, partly owned by Shell Oil Company,  operates gas stations, refineries and storage terminals throughout the eastern and southern United States.  The storage facilities have a combined capacity of almost 20 million gallons. 

This new facility enables the transfer of ethanol from rail tank cars to Motiva’s storage tanks.  The new construction allows for the unloading of up to forty tank cars at one time and provides a transfer area that can accommodate twenty railcars.  Adjacent track storage now holds up to eighty cars.

The transfer area consists of two sets of tracks 24’ apart and over 600’ long.  A 4’ reinforced concrete trench was constructed between the tracks which houses the piping system that transfers the ethanol from the railcars to the storage tanks.  Over 4,000 CY of lightweight concrete was installed to minimize future settlement of the loading area.  HDPE liners and a spill containment collection system were added under the tracks.  A precast bridge structure was also included allowing the lead track to cross a concrete water main serving the local towns.

Motiva now has a faster, more efficient method of transfer at this upgraded facility