Goethals Bridge Safety Means Fencing

Goethals Bridge

The Goethals Bridge is the first new Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Bridge to be built since the 1930s. Among many new features like smart bridge technology and wider lanes for vehicular traffic in each direction, the bridge includes a 10-foot-wide sidewalk/bikeway along the northern edge of the New Jersey bound roadway. With this exciting addition comes the concern for public safety.

The P3 Contractor, Kiewit-Weeks-Massman, AJV (KWM) awarded RCC Fabricators in July 2017 to complete the fast tracked design and fabrication of 7,330 LF safety means fencing, standing 9 feet tall. Upon notice of award, RCC Fabricators started with the drawings and prepared for cable long lead times. Between mid-December 2017 and May 2018, RCC Fabricators fabricated 1.2 million pounds of galvanized steel. In a six month timeframe, an impressive 100 TONS of steel was fabricated per month.

All plate shapes, roughly ½ million pounds, were plasma cut using RCC Fabricators in-house Plasma / Oxy-Fuel Cutting Table.

Consolidated Fencing (minority subcontractor to RCC Fabricators) purchased custom stainless steel cables and performed the installation of pre-fabricated cables.

 RCC Fabricators, Inc. would like to acknowledge and thank:
Consolidated Fencing
Haydon Bolts, Inc.
Martelli’s Trucking Company
Valmont Coatings
V&S Delaware Galvanizing LLC