Jersey City, NJ

Project Highlights / Scope of Work

• Installed siding track, siding turnout and diamond double crossover

• Constructed foundations for catenaries, signals, snow melters and instrument houses and modified existing box culverts

• Upgraded drainage with reinforced concrete pipe, E-inlets, headwalls and underdrains

• Installed structural fill and performed final grading

• Constructed cable trough and retaining walls

• Intensive planning and coordination allowed for work to be performed during weekend outages to enable continuation of service and revenue



• Maintain uninterrupted train service by working only during scheduled outages


Project Description
This project arose from New Jersey Transit’s desire to increase capacity and flexibility for Hudson-Bergen Light Rail operations.  A series of rail upgrades was necessary to accomplish their goal. 

An interlocking was created north of the Danforth Station requiring special track work consisting of a double diamond crossover and No. 10 turnout with siding track.  A drainage system was installed including reinforced concrete pipe, E-inlets, headwalls and an under-drain.  An electrical trough and retaining walls were added.  Foundations were constructed for catenaries, signals, snow melters and instrument houses.  An existing box culvert was modified and structural fill and final grading concluded the project.

An important feature of this project was our ability to maintain the client’s schedule without significant interruption.  Through critical pre-planning and extensive coordination between all parties on site, we were able to perform a majority of the work during weekend outages.  All tracks were returned to normal service after each outage and our preparations resulted in the safe and efficient completion of the work.