FAB New Equipment

Feb 22, 2019

RCC Fabricators, Inc. is excited to welcome two new additions to our 53,000 square foot facility to better serve our clients and deliver a more precise product.

CNC Multifunction Drill Line
More than a drill, the AVENGER+ increases RCC Fabricators, Inc. capabilities in a variety of metals from carbon, stainless and aluminum, wood and fiberglass. The AVENGER+ features an 8-station tool change utilizing carbon tooling for fast drilling, milling, layout marking, scribing, tapping and more. The AVENGER+ is equipped with a superbly accurate and fast positioning and measuring system, providing hole-to-hole tolerance less than 1/32” and translating into higher quality work and faster assembly, saving time and money.  
This amazing machine can process a wide variety of steel profiles with ease from the lightest steel sections all the way up to jumbo beams and more including:
  • Angles
  • Channel
  • Base Plates
  • Flat Bars
  • Square and Rectangle Tubes
  • Round Tubes and Pipe
  • Tapered Beams and Unequal Sections
  • Welded Build-Up Sections and Assemblies
  • Pre-Cambered Beams

CNC Angle Line for automatic processing of clip angles up to 6 x 6 x 5/8”. By embracing a completely unique approach of using a drill spindle in combination with the traditional punch, this incredibly compact machine does not need to jog the material forward to create in-line holes. The linear measurement of the material is accomplished by a fast and highly accurate rack and pinion measuring system with closed loop control incorporating automatic backlash compensation Accuracy of 1/32” or better translates into faster erection in the field, eliminating back charges for badly produced parts  and ultimately saving time and money

The AVENGER+ and CLIPPER are extremely robust and built to last. All load bearing members are precision cut from solid 2 inch steel plate, making each machine absolutely rigid and exact. 

With automated production, a cost-effective way to manage output, labor costs are lowered, skills are increased, quality is improved and RCC Fabricators, Inc. becomes more versatile.