Plasma / Oxy-Fuel Cutting Table

Mar 06, 2017

RCC Fabricators is proud to announce the installation of a new permanent plasma / oxy-fuel cutting table at our Southampton facility.  The state-of-the-art table has two settings – plasma and oxy-fuel – for precision cutting of intricate designs.  The massive table is 10’ wide x 40’ long and is capable of cutting carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel up to 4” thick.  Certain work that was previously outsourced can now be handled in-house.

The table is programmable and operates via information input into a computer program similar to CAD.  Plates, bearings, connections and piping can all be cut more precisely and with less waste than the old method of laying out the design by hand and using a drill or torch to make the cuts.  Nearly every job we do will use this equipment in some way.  For example, all the connection plates for the Levittown Station project were made using the table.

This new technology will enable us to provide the customer with faster turnaround times and more precise products.  We’re excited to begin using the plasma table to enhance our many capabilities in the field of steel fabrication.