Oct 29, 2015

RCC Fabricators, Inc. has just signed a $3 million contract with the Port Authority of NY & NJ to build six flatcars.  This contract nearly replicates a previous order to design, fabricate and deliver flatcars used to navigate the existing PATH tunnel system and transport material from the Harrison Yard in New Jersey into and out of the new World Trade Center in New York City.

The new shipment of 35-ton capacity flatcars will be based on the previous design, implementing updates accordingly to meet current FRA regulations. Each flatcar will measure 8’ 6” wide by 50’ 6” long. Construction will include steel fabrication, electrical wiring, pneumatic system, wooden deck installation and assembly of all components.  Finally, each flatcar will receive the finishing touch of a custom paint job.  

All aspects of production will be managed and completed by RCC Fabricators, Inc.