Beach Electric Proudly Announces our 90th Anniversary

Oct 17, 2014

We are proud to announce that in 2014, Beach Electric Company, Inc. is celebrating its 90th anniversary.  Started in 1924 by Stanley Beach, the company remained a family-owned business until 1962 when it was acquired by Fischbach & Moore, Inc., a heavy construction industrial and commercial electrical contractor serving the northeast.  On June 25, 2004, Beach ended its long relationship with Fischbach and became Beach Electric Company, Inc., one of the entities which make up the Railroad Construction Family of Companies.

Over the years Beach has completed an impressive list of projects in both the public and private sectors, ranging from small jobs to large and from simple to complex.  Our clients include some of the largest, most well known institutions in the world:  Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Princeton University to name a few.

Today, as we begin our 10th decade in business, we remain dedicated to providing the same service and commitment to quality upon which we were founded.  We look forward to maintaining strong connections with our many existing clients while expanding our reach to develop new, long lasting relationships.

We’re looking forward to 90 more years!!!