NJ Transit - Secaucus Junction Platform Extensions

May 09, 2014

New Jersey Transit: Secaucus Junction Platform Extensions
Secaucus, NJ

Railroad Construction Company, Inc., was recently awarded a $1.5 million contract by New Jersey Transit.  This contract consists of the extension of 2 high level center island passenger rail platforms on the Main Bergen line.  The extensions are 120 ft long by 29 ft wide.  To support the platforms, 20 concrete columns will be constructed and connected to the below ground concrete beams that Railroad Construction previously constructed 13 years ago. Decorative lighting will be installed along the platform extensions. New stairs will be mounted to the end of each platform. Modifications will be made to the existing platforms to ensure smooth transitions. The work has an accelerated schedule of 150 days and will be completed by October of 2013.

Special thanks to George Ackley, Robert Delitto, Kerry Donovan and Glenn Zuber from New Jersey Transit; Tanat Maneeruchpisan from Parsons; and to the following subcontractors and vendors: Atlantic Concrete Cutting, Boz Electrical, Consolidated Steel and Aluminum Fence, Griffin Engineering, JM Ahle and J&R Slaw.