Port Authority of NY & NJ: Cross Harbor Freight Project - Track Repairs at Greenville Yard Jersey City, NJ

Apr 08, 2014

Railroad Construction Co., Inc. recently completed a major track rehabilitation project at New York & New Jersey Rail, LLC's Greenville Yard in Jersey City, NJ, for the Port Authority of NY & NJ.  The repairs to the yard will allow for increased freight rail traffic going into New York City.  Rail cars travel into the Jersey City yard where they are loaded onto carfloats via float bridge and transported into Brooklyn, NY, at the newly renovated 65th Street Yard. New York & New Jersey Rail is the only active freight rail crossing of the Hudson River south of Albany, NY, which makes the route a key regional gateway.

Re-surfacing the track on the float bridge to the proper elevation was a critical aspect of the project to ensure the cars could be moved safely from land to the carfloat. The track on the carfloat also was shimmed and adjusted to match the float bridge at Greenville Yard, as well as the bridges at 65th Street Yard.  All of the car-float and float bridge interface work was completed during a one week outage to minimize impact on rail traffic. Other

work in the yard included tie and switch timber replacement, rail replacement, switch point replacement and track and turnout re-surfacing.

Key to this project was reverse engineering which utilized modern materials and methods to update the existing 80-year-old railroad technology. Close coordination was required with the operating railroad and the owner. We would like to extend a very special thank you to Don Hutton and Jim Christie of New York & New Jersey Rail, LLC, and Ed Hicks and Igor Goldenberg of the Port Authority of NY & NJ.