Matrix Development Group Legal Center - Hurricane Sandy Emergency Response Newark, NJ

Apr 08, 2014

Beach Electric Co., Inc. recently completed emergency repairs to the electrical system of the Legal Center, a Matrix Development Group property, in Newark, NJ.

Hurricane Sandy was respon-sible for local river flooding that brought five feet of water into the lower level of this complex. The water infiltrated energized electrical equipment causing most of the damage. All of the electrical switchgear had to be dismantled to refurbish or replace the damaged components. After reassembling the equipment, it was tested and recertified by PSE&G prior to being re-energized. The bus duct and feeders supplying power to the rest of the building also needed to be inspected and tested. Numerous feeders were damaged and had to be replaced. All of the major repairs and/or replacements took over ten days to complete.

Beach Electric would like to thank Felicia Arias of Matrix Develop-ment Group for her confidence in our ability to come to their aid during such a stressful time. A special thanks also goes out to our suppliers Graybar Electric and Monarch Electric Supply.