Hudson Transmission Partners: Hudson Transmission Cable Project New York, NY

Apr 08, 2014

Railroad Construction Co., Inc. is in the process of completing work on the Hudson Transmission Project for Prysmian Cables & Systems.  The New York side of the project included the installation of a 345kV ductbank system running from a submarine/land cable transition vault on West 52nd Street, along the Westside Highway, and into Con Edison's 49th Street Substation in Manhattan. The submarine cable was anchored into the transition pit on West 52nd Street last year and efforts this year were focused on the trenching and installation of the ductbank below the streets of Manhattan amid numerous existing utilities and buried obstructions.

Inside the Con Edison substation, work included the demolition and replacement of the concrete slab to allow the ductbank conduit to penetrate into the building at elevations that would not conflict with the existing utilities. Case Contracting, Ltd. installed cable racks inside the basement of the substation, to support the new cables.

The cable pull was completed in August and splicing of the upland cable and submarine cable occurred on West 52nd Street shortly thereafter.

With the cable pull and splicing complete, Railroad Construction is currently focusing on permanent restoration of the jobsite including sidewalk, curb, asphalt, and concrete pavement on the Westside Highway and West 52nd Street, under jurisdiction of both the New York State and New York City Departments of Transportation.  Railroad Construction is also replacing a watermain on West 52nd Street in close coordination with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

Railroad Construction would like to thank John Ostrowski, Wilhelm Napier, and PJ Glavin of Prysmian Cables & Systems; Russell Randazza and Anthony Vangeli of Case Contracting, Ltd.;  and Charlie Micciche of The Hudson Transmission Partners. We would also like to thank Bob Colucci and Soobah Mohan  from NYSDOT; James Kielian of Stantec, Roland Ciofrone and Fred Maiello of Con Edison; and Ted Fackleman of NYCDEP. In

addition, we would like to thank all of our suppliers, including Eastern Concrete and New York Sand and Stone.