Bass River Project New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Apr 08, 2014

RCC Fabricators, Inc. is completing the bolster phase of the Bass River Project for North East Remsco.  The bolsters were a welding challenge with keeping the distortion under control from the immense heat which was introduced due to the vast amount of welding that was necessary to join the heavy plate construction. 

 With a total 52 bolsters required, inspection was given to each and everyone when fitting and joining the plates for the specified full penetration welds needed to fuse the 2” and 2½” thick plates to form the stout, steel products.  Ultra-sonic testing was performed on the full penetration welds and magnetic particle testing performed on the fillet welds.  All welds were tested by a third party agency, Craig Testing, and initially passed 100% to the satisfaction of both Craig Testing and the New Jersey Turnpike’s representative.

 When completed the smallest bolsters, weighing approximately 600 pounds and the largest weighing over a whopping 2,000 pounds, will be finish painted and delivered to the job site for their immediate installation by the general contractor.  These bolsters will be installed atop of the new bearings (supplied by others) and used to support the existing girders.    

Our special thanks go to Metals USA for the prompt delivery and precision cutting of all the plates which were required to complete this phase of the project.