The Port Authority of NY & NJ: Installation of Bollards at Newark Liberty International Airport Terminals A & C Newark, NJ

Dec 01, 2013

Railroad Construction Company, Inc. is currently working for URS Corporation on the installation of bollards at Terminals A & C at six different locations. Over 1,000 structural steel bollards continue to be installed, and approximately 90,000 square feet of new concrete sidewalk will be placed between the three levels at each terminal by Railroad Construction. Architectural stainless steel sleeves and caps will also be installed over the structural steel bollards to give a more eye appealing look. This work is taking place in an extremely high profiled area along the terminal frontages where air travelers enter and leave the

terminals. This requires an extended coordinated effort amongst the different entities due to its high profile nature.

Existing sidewalks had to be removed at all three levels.  At Levels 2 and 3, the sidewalk is being placed on a structural concrete slab. Once the existing concrete and membrane waterproofing is removed, new membrane waterproofing is being installed.  Approximately 70,000 SF of new membrane waterproofing will be installed by our subcontractor Pim Corporation. Once the area is waterproofed, the bollards will be ready to be installed and new concrete sidewalk can be placed.  The bollards come in on assemblies of four to five bollards per assembly with each assembly weighing roughly 4,500 lbs.  When the assemblies are placed, they are bolted down and welded together to create one complete bollard system. 

RCC Fabricators, Inc. is fabricating the bollard assemblies for Terminal A and Selco Manufacturing is fabricating the bollard assemblies for Terminal C.  At Level 1 of each terminal, bollard footings are installed using No. 10 and No. 8 rebar. Here the bollards are installed individually and placed typically four feet apart into the footing, and extend 4 feet into the ground.  In some areas, the installation of these bollards  will require routing of temporary electric or rerouting of existing electric. Beach Electric Company, Inc. is performing all the electrical work required. The anticipated completion dates for these projects are early 2014.

Railroad Construction would like to thank  Michael Antonio, David Beckett, Dominick Fickeria, Imad Al-Qatarneh, Chik Ihekwaba and Syed Moshin from URS Corporation; Frank Wong, Jay Patel, Sash Patel, Raul Leonardo, Michael Podlaski, Sherry Samuel and Michael Wallace from PANYNJ; Ron Petrella, Airline Representative for the airlines at Terminal A; and Lou Farinaccio from United Airlines Terminal C. We would also like to thank our subcontractors Atlantic Concrete Cutting, Beach Electric, Bull Dog Iron Construction, Eastern Concrete & Materials, Kenseal, Nobel Equipment, Pim Corporation, RCC Fabricators, Selco Manufacturing and Weldon Materials.